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Why do Pomeranians Cough?

Why do Pomeranians Cough?

Why do Pomeranians Cough?

Pomeranians are a rather sensitive dog breed, and many things can set off that repeated cough. It is probably just an allergy or your pet just swallowed some hair, so don’t need to worry to the extreme. However, a few reasons might set a high bar of importance and needs a speedy reaction.

1.     Collapsed Trachea

One of the main reasons why your dearest pet my cough is a collapsed trachea. This is a very common issue with small dog breeds, and your Pomeranian isn’t a stranger. The cartilage that encloses around the windpipe degrades over time, and the very windpipe collapses into itself. 

To avoid this, don’t use a collar while walking, instead try to use a harness most of the time, as it will stop the degradation of the windpipe. If that happens, it is not easy to reverse it, and although your dog won’t be in pain, it is a rather uncomfortable state and he or she will cough extensively. Furthermore, tracheal collapse can lead to death.

2.     Kennel Cough

Another common reason is the unpopular kennel cough. An extremely contagious common respiratory disease it can cause a nagging endless cough. Your dog might have contracted it from the neighbor dogs, in the park, or anywhere else. 

The usual symptoms are a rather dry cough, vomiting, while in some extreme cases it can cause a fever and weakness. If you notice these symptoms, run to the vet as soon as you can for testing and treatment if needed.

3.     Allergies

Pomeranians are quite prone to different kinds of allergies; some can cause a simple rash or other skin problems that are easily treatable. However, some allergies can cause breathing problems, including coughing. This can further lead to asthma attacks. 

Seasonal allergies are treated with medications to control the symptoms, but if your dog is allergic to the carpet cleaning solution, dust, or some other elements you will need to eliminate the triggers that cause the reaction. You certainly don’t want your dog suffering.

4.     Worm Infections

Worm infections can be extremely dangerous for your pet. More often not leading to fatality, roundworm and heartworm infections are immense distress for the little furball. Both heartworm and roundworm can cause unstoppable coughing, among other symptoms, so be sure to take your pet to the vet for testing and further treatment.

5.     Hairball

Another uncommon issue with the Pomeranians that can cause coughing is hair swallowing. While they lick their fluffy coat and thick fur, there is a big chance a hairball will be trapped in the throat. Ingesting hair can lead to dramatic issues such as coughing fits, vomiting, and/or dry heave. It is rather uncomfortable for your pet, and to treat it, encourage your Pomeranian to lick some peanut butter. 

If this doesn’t help let your dog eat a piece of high fiber bread to create a cushion around the hair. However, if you can’t resolve the issue at home promptly, then take your dog to the veterinarian clinic.

6.     Bronchitis

Your little Pomeranian can develop some other lung infections such as bronchitis. The most important symptom of this is a wet cough, mucus included, and in some cases, these symptoms can be accompanied by nasal discharge. 

Also, a fever is not that common, but in some cases, it may appear. Once you notice your dog coughing, take him to the vet for diagnosis, and if positive, treatment, consisting of corticosteroids and/or antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection.


Pomeranians aren’t that resistant to a number of diseases that have cough as a symptom. You will need to be extremely careful if those issues appear and won’t go on their own, cause there are one too many reasons for it. 

In the best-case scenario, your dog will have just swallowed a hairball while cleaning itself, but always watch out if the cough is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms that will have you assume your dog is suffering from a rather dangerous disease. 

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