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Pomeranian Pregnancy 101

Pomeranian Pregnancy 101

Pomeranian Pregnancy 101

Pomeranians are little dogs that demand a lot of attention and care. The females during pregnancy demand even more attention than ever. Pomeranians develop rather fast, and the females are in their first heat at just six months old. Although they are still small and developing, young Pomeranian females can handle the pregnancy at this stage, though with a few steps that you will need to take.

When Can Pomeranian Become Pregnant

Around six months of age, your female Pomeranian enters her first heat and this is the time when she can become pregnant for the first time. The female dog’s cycle can last up to three weeks and during this period there are a few days when she can become pregnant, following successful breeding with the male dog.

First Signs of Pregnancy

Following successful fertilization, there are a few signs that make pregnancy rather obvious. However, you won’t notice anything up until the first four weeks have passed. After that, watch out for a firm stomach when playing with your pet, and a couple of weeks later you will notice that her stomach is growing bigger. Soon enough, the nipples will double in size, and the ones you didn’t notice until then will appear. Nevertheless, in the first two weeks, your favorite one can express early signs such as nausea, reduced appetite, tiredness, and a bit of stomach swelling.

Other signs may include moody behavior and even clean herself more thoroughly than usual.

How Long Pregnancy Lasts

The average pregnancy in canines lasts around 63 days. Pomeranians carry their younglings anywhere from 58 to 70 days. If the 70th day has passed and your Pomeranian didn’t deliver her babies then you are in a problem and will need to call the veterinarian.

Diet During Pregnancy, Weight Gain

pomeranian pregnancy 101 pomplanet pom planet blog

While pregnant, your Pomeranian won’t require any drastic change in diet, just a minor change in quantity. The report states that it is best to give her puppy quantity food and often, though it will need an increase in her intake of calories, during the third week of 25%. This will take effect later as she might stop eating completely a few days before the labor.

Your Pomeranian will increase in weight by around 20% or her normal weight. If you notice some quick weight gaining, you should speak to the vet, but bear in mind that it is not just puppies in that little belly, but also amniotic fluids, water, and the amniotic sacs that encase each individual fetus.

Caring During Pregnancy

pomeranian pregnancy all you need to know pom planet pomplanet blog

You will need to be careful managing your dog while she is pregnant. Don’t allow any jumping and off the sofa and the bed, or any other jumping. However, you should let her exercise if she feels like it as this will ensure that she is fit and healthy, helping it later during birth.

Nesting instincts will occur during pregnancy and as she closes on the date of delivery, these instincts will become more obvious. If you have allowed her to sleep in your bed before, you will need an extra layer that she can make her own bed, just because of the nesting instincts. Don’t deny her of your company and let her be able to see you all the time you are in the same room. If you have other dogs, isolate her from them by putting a barrier or baby fence between her and the rest of the room.

Preparing for the Delivery

You might not want your dog to give birth on her own. If you are working or have any other obligations, cancel them the following day 56. However, two weeks prior to the due date you will need to start checking her temperature and the normal temperature is anywhere from 101 to 102.5 Fahrenheit. Once you measure the temperature below 100F, expect the whelping to occur in the next 24 hours. However, if the labor doesn’t start in 24 hours after you measured 100F temperature then you will need to take her to the veterinarian. Nevertheless, if everything is ok, then it is completely natural for your dog to give birth at home, without the veterinarian.

The labor is divided into three stages

During the first stage, the contraction will begin and the cervix will dilate. While this is happening, you will see your dog restless, shivering, and panting, while in some cases she might also vomit. Don’t feed her during this stage as if she would need a c-section, her stomach must be empty of food. She will whine constantly, which is rather normal, and you should keep her in a whelping box. The first stage lasts anywhere from six to 18 hours and it is the longest stage.

The second stage includes the very birth of the puppies; expect anywhere from one to five puppies during the delivery. The puppies will come out in a time difference of half an hour. Once out, the puppy will have its own amniotic sac surrounding him, which the mother will tear and often eat, and then lick the puppies. The licking helps puppies’ circulation and stimulate their breathing. If she doesn’t tear the sac and doesn’t lick the puppies, you will be there to suck the mucus and fluids from puppies with the suction bulb and tear the amniotic sac. Furthermore, the umbilical cord should be tied off 2 sections with the floss and snip in between those 2 sections with sharp scissors.

The third stage starts once all the puppies are born. Your dog’s uterus contracts fully, blood and fluid that remains are expelled, alongside the placenta. Start cleaning the area once all the puppies are out, and when all is clean and she has ingested placenta and amniotic sac, bring the puppies to her for cuddling and snuggling on the new clean sheets and blankets.

If you notice any of these signs, call the vet, immediately;

  • If you notice a stuck puppy halfway through and whatever you do, it doesn’t helps
  • If at least four hours have passed and no puppy has come out during this time, but you are sure that the labor just started and more puppies are waiting to be born.
  • Another problem is if your Pomeranian is straining for more than an hour, but no puppy coming out.

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