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Pomeranian Origin: All You Need to Know

Pomeranian Origin: All You Need to Know

Pomeranian Origin: All You Need to Know

You are now seeing Pomeranians at every corner, barking, running around, looking like they would want to fight with the biggest dogs available. Well, they have retained their agile character, but their size is unimaginably lesser than it was two centuries ago.

If we told you that the Pomeranians were a lot bigger in the past, you probably wouldn’t believe our words. Well, that is the truth. They are the descendants of the Icelandic and Norwegian sled dogs that weighed around 50 pounds. However, these are just their ancestors and the Pomeranians are just the descendants of these large dogs. Their name comes from the region of Germany and Poland that stretches along the Baltic Sea, Pomerania, where these dogs were bred down. As time went by, from the agile sled dogs, they have become in-house pets, popularized by royals and celebrities.

These days, most of the Pomeranians are only four to seven pounds large, while there are some litters that breed larger Pomeranians, which grow to be as large as 14 pounds. This is just a small fraction as a reminiscence to the past. The first modern recorded reference to the Pomeranians was from November 1764 and the diary entry of James Boswell, Scottish biographer, lawyer, and diarist, born in Edinburgh.

pomeranian origin all you need to know pom planet pomplanet

Today’s Pomeranians are agile, friendly, fierce, and cuddly little beasts that can grow to a size of 7 to 12 inches, and can weigh anywhere from three to seven pounds. The average lifespan is 14 to 16 years. They can develop a couple of genetic disorders, one of which is Alopecia X. Their skin becomes black, and for this, it is also known as the black skin disease, while most of the hair falls off.

In the past, Pomeranians were in the ownership of some of the famous artists. For instance, Michelangelo had a pet Pomeranian and while he was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, his furry friend was sat on a satin pillow, watching him do one of his best works. Furthermore, Mozart dedicated one of his arias to his Pomeranian Pimperi. Isaac Newton also owned a pet Pomeranian, named Diamond. There are a few anecdotes tied to these celebrity Pomeranians, but that is the story for another article.

Queen Victoria was known for popularizing this dog breed and is also the one who influenced the downsizing of these Spitz-type dogs since the size of these dogs decreased by half.

pomeranian origin all you need to know pom planet pomplanet

Her grandmother, Queen Charlotte had influenced the evolution of the breed, having owned two Pomeranians, all the way back in 1767. Charlotte’s granddaughter continued the practice but only increased the kennel as she had over 30 Pomeranians. She is one of the most notable enthusiasts and breeders as well since she completely changed the size of the breed. She has done all to promote the Pomeranian breed and would import Pomeranians from all around Europe, of different coat color and different size.

One of her most popular Pomeranians was Windsor’s Marco, who weighed only 12lb. She showed Marco to the world for the first time in 1891 and this instantly launched small Pomeranians to stardom.

The breeders would only use smaller Pomeranians for further breeding, which resulted in the downsizing of the entire dog breed. Nevertheless, this has only increased the popularity of Pomeranians.

With the popularity increasing in England and throughout Europe, the first American Pomeranian kennel club was incepted in 1898. Just two years later, the club was recognized.


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Nevertheless, ever since 1998 the Pomeranian breed has become one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA, featuring consistently in the top 20 of registered American Kennel Club dog breeds until 2013. Following the 2013 year, the ranking of popularity fell under the 20th place and currently is listed at 22nd place of most popular dog breeds in the USA.

Today, you can see Pomeranians owned by a number of celebrities, from singers, actors, politicians, and other people of importance. These tiny furballs have become a fashion accessory from the massive sled dogs. From the 1800s their size has dwindled down from 50lb to just 3lb.

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