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Cats and Pomeranians: All You Need to Know

Cats and Pomeranians: All You Need to Know

Cats and Pomeranians: All You Need to Know

So you are a dog person and a cat person as well, and already have a Pomeranian as your pet and now wondering if that little fluffy ball will get along with the new member of the family.  

Well, stay with us for the length of the article to find out all you need to know about the relationship between cats and Pomeranians. Although there is a stigma that cats and dogs don’t like each other, this can be worked around, and the two species can become the best of friends.

Cats and Pomeranians All You Need to Know PomPlanet Pom Planet

What you should know about cat and Pomeranian relationships

Before bringing a cat to your household, check how your dog will respond to cats outside. When walking outside, follow your dog’s reaction to cats you find along the way. Control and command him if needed not to chase the cats. Nevertheless, Pomeranians are relatively friendly dogs, and if you are careful, your cat and dog will get along just fine. If not, Pomeranian can be easily trained.

Rather than bringing an adult cat, try introducing your Pomeranian to a kitten and give them 2-3 weeks to create an unbreakable bond. At first, hold them in separate spaces and feed them separately, but as they grow closer together, feed them at the same time. Once your Pomeranian starts showing the simplest signs of affection towards the new pet, praise him for his good behavior. This will only help them further develop a bond.

Cats and Pomeranians All You Need to Know PomPlanet Pom Planet

However, there are a few instances when the two won’t get along; don’t go speeding things up as there is a great chance that your new pets will end up chasing one another, and it won’t be a play. Be careful, and thoughtful of the needs of both of them. Although they have different personalities, Pomeranians and cats can get along.

You might think that cats aren’t as social as dogs, but that is not the case; your cat just likes to watch things from the distance and doesn’t want to get involved in all the activities. Therefore, it may seem that your cat is asocial. Nevertheless, you can easily introduce games for both cat and dog that they will enjoy.

Now, if your pets occasionally fight, use simple commands, such as saying NO, and if that is not helping, separate them for a certain amount of time. However, if the problem continues, put the stop to their fight before it gets problematic. 

Cats and Pomeranians All You Need to Know PomPlanet Pom Planet

Pomeranians, as they are full of energy, can sometimes be annoying for cats that love to lay and enjoy, as your pet will love another round of fun and games. And in order to stop it, cats can sometimes use their claws, causing injuries to Pomeranians, especially their eyes. Beware if this happens, and restrictive measures must be ordained.

These are extremely rare situations, as even adult canine and feline don’t reach these extremes if they don’t get along over some tiny details. Your dog might seem a bit more playful than the cat, but they are virtually the same, and if introduced to one another at an early stage of life, no problems between them should arouse.

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