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Can Pomeranians Swim?

Can Pomeranians Swim?

Can Pomeranians Swim?

Pomeranians are tiny dogs and because of their size, they are classed as a toy dog breed. They are the descendants of the larger Spitz-type dogs, specifically the German Spitz. For their tiny size, they are rather energetic and never seem to settle down. There are plenty of activities you can occupy your Pomeranian with, and you are probably wondering, can your dog swim?

So the Answer is...

Well, the simple answer is yes, however, the whole action is not that simple. If you notice that your dog doesn’t like bathing, don’t think that it won’t enjoy a nice swim in the pool. Pomeranians can swim and some really love it, however, you need to be very careful and watch out for your dog almost every second, at least in the beginning.

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Pomeranians don’t fear the water, though some specimens might develop fear towards water if their first encounter with water was not pleasant. So, take your time and be very careful with your dog. Never in your right mind take your pet dog into ocean water or sea. They are too tiny for this as the current and sea levels can easily take them and swallow into oblivion.

If you want your Pomeranian to swim and if it accepts your instructions, start it rather slowly; the best way for this is to buy an inflatable dog pool and put your dog into shallow water.

After you get the gist of his first reaction, move forward from there. Fill in more water and start increasing the water level as your pet masters it. Don’t forget to keep your hands close to your dog if it starts drowning to take him out of the water. 

However, once your dog is secure on the water, the two of you will be enjoying all the fun and games you can think of. From an inflatable dog pool, you can take up a notch and bring your little furry friend to a larger pool and introduce his awesome skills to your friends and family.

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Nevertheless, you shouldn’t keep your dog for long in the water; the main reason for this is their dens and heavy coat. Designed for protection it also repels the water, however not for long. 

Once it starts soaking in water it can become even heavier and will weigh the dog down, forcing them to work harder to stay afloat. Another problem for your dog can be chlorine-enriched water, which can damage the fur if not properly treated after the stint in the water. 

Namely, the chlorine will act like bleach and discolor the fur and will cause it to become overly dry. Once your dog is out of the pool water, you will need to thoroughly wash the coat, as you don’t want your dog to lose its shine.


Well, Pomeranians are a rather complex dog breed and not that easy to maintain. It demands a lot of training, attention, and nurture in order to be healthy and have a quality life. Swimming is one of the activities it can do, however, don’t push your pet out of its boundaries. If you want your dog to swim, tread lightly, and be focused on the small progress. 

Your dog will love or hate water, depending on its first encounter. To conclude, Pomeranians can swim, though it is not their favorite activity as they are tiny, they tend to easily tire out, and if it isn’t treated properly, chlorine water can damage its fur. So, don’t expose your dog to this outdoor activity too much, if there is no need for it.

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